timesaver: as per adding fields to model, auto place cursor in search after selecting field for comp

As per title.

Pat, i wasn’t sure what you meant at first from your title, but now i understand - and agree with your suggestion.

The cursor is auto-positioned back to search when selecting fields for a Model. BUT, not when selecting fields for a component. Posted a video below which clarifies this:

LOL!!! Went to create another post about this.

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Well, I guess if we’re all bumping this thread up… Might as well join in on the fun. :slight_smile:

How does this only have 3 votes? Really simple way to save dev time for our customers!

Agree completely. Should be a no brainer.

I’d really really like to see Skuid manage issues and features like Code Barrel does for there Automation for Jira product. In a Jira board or something similar.

Right now all we get is Ideas marked as “Under Consideration”. So underwhelming compared to what could be built with Skuid or put into something like the board or something like what Salesforce does for there ideas. :confused:

This Idea is just sitting here like a lump on a bump.