Theme Custom CSS Caching

I’ve been debugging a problem for the last couple of hours:   Changes I made to the theme CSS were not reflected in pages after I reloaded the page.    I verified that skuid was correctly updating the static resource inline.css.    I found that I had to clear browsing caches on Chrome to get my CSS changes correctly reflected in my custom themed pages.  Hopes this helps others…

Thanks for the tip!

I was having that issue a lot last week. Was driving me nuts until I noticed that eventually the CSS would change and realized that it must be a caching issue. Good post!


Thanks for sharing! What version of Skuid were you having this problem on?


I hit this problem while working on a customer installation which is on version 8.11.  I went off line and debugged it on my developer org which is on 8.15.8.

Best Regards, Peter