theme charts palette

Is there a way to set up the color palette for the line/column style charts in the theme builder? The palette in the theme builder seems to only impact the pie-type charts.

Hi, Matt. That’s a bug that we’re already planning to address in the next Maintenance release. The colors for that chart are hard coded, so that’s taking priority over anything you enter in the theme composer. It’s only that chart in the theme composer “live view” frame, so any chart on any page that doesn’t have colors specified should still respect your theme settings. However, there is known bug with chart theming in browsers other than Chrome. We’re also planning to address this bug in the next maintenance release, so you may want to wait for that release to really dive in to Chart theming.

Thanks, J.!

Can you ballpark a timeline for that release?

Sure thing! I’ve been out of the office the last few days, and I haven’t heard anything specific, but we are hoping for soon. I do know that these fixes are already pending QA, so barring any issues we find during QA, these should be fixed in the next release when it does drop.

This issue has been resolved in Banzai Update 8, available on the Skuid Releases page.