Theme assignment by module

Today you can assign a default theme, and assign themes based on users or profiles.  I’d like to be able to do a theme assignment by module name.  This way I can assign a theme to specific modules across all pages - such as all my Support Community pages, vs. all of my Partner Community pages.  I don’t want to just segment by who is using it, but also by what the content is.

One possible implementation would be to extend the Skuid Settings / Theme Preferences /  Profile/User Overrides page.  If you had a “Modules” column, I could have flexibility on assignment based on user, profile and module, including:

  • All pages using module XYZ (leaving User/Profile blank)
  • All profiles of name ABC for all modules (leaving module blank)
  • All page using module XYZ for user DEF
There would need to be some priority logic, likely by reordering the list, so that when there were conflicts it would be clear which rule would eventually win (the last rule wins?).

For us, that would let us say “All internal Support operators using the Support Community pages should use the theme Dense” and “All other people using the Support Community pages should use the theme LotsOfWhiteSpace”.  As an example…  ;-)

Thanks for considering this!

- Chris

This is a good Idea Chris.  We are making a batch of improvements to Themes in our next release.  We’ll consider this one too.