The view/edit XML link is grey - help!

Can someone please point me in the right direction?
I am trying to import a page using the view/edit xml but in my new page the option isn’t available.
The text is there but grey.

Try saving the new page first. When you make a change to a page, the link is disabled until you save the changes. A brand new page opens with pending changes.

Thanks for your quick response - I’ve been able to do what I needed to now.

I’ve had an issue today where sometimes when I save it says I do not have permission to edit skuid pages. I’m new to Skuid but we’ve been working on it for some weeks and this has just come up.

I’m guessing that the problem is that you’re trying to edit Skuid Pages that Skuid uses internally, e.g. the “PageList”, “NewPage”, “ClonePage”,“PageBuilder”, etc. pages that are in the “Skuid” module. Pages in the Skuid module are used internally by Skuid and therefore we do not let you edit them.

Just ensure that you are not trying to edit pages in the SKuid module, and do not change the Module of any of the pages you have made to be “Skuid”. Just leaving Module blank is usually what you want.