The users show 2 users and 4 licenses but none available

Status Active Allowed Licenses 4
Used Licenses 4

But it only shows 2 users.  I want to assign a 3rd user.  Can not see where the other 2 licenses are assigned.

Hi Bill,

If you look under the “Configure” option, there should be a section called “User Licensing / Permissions.”

Under there, you should be able to find who you’ve assigned the “Skuid Page Viewer” or “Skuid Page Builder” Permission Set.

Here’s a more thorough walkthrough–

Let me know if this helps!


I have attached the image form that page which shows my 2 users but it shows 4 licenses used.

Hi Bill,

Do you have any inactive users? 

This Salesforce help article may be relevant:

Hi Bill, here’s some XML you can paste into your org to create a Skuid page that can help you manage your users with Skuid licenses.…

Bill ~

Create a new page in your org using the XML from this page to see where the licenses have been allocated …


Found them.  Forgot I used them for a public site.  I have put in a request to buy a new license at Skuid, but have not heard back from Skuid.  Is there a method to do this on-line?

Hi Bill,

Has anyone from Skuid managed to follow-up with you on this?