The Rich Text Area is not editable.

I have a Rich Text Area field that when I try to add a hyperlink the fields are not editable.

I’m not sure I understand Bill.  My testing of our Rich Text Editor shows that URL’s can be entered and subsequently edited.  That Text can be converted to Hyperlins and then both the text and the hyperlink can be subsequently edited.  

I must be missing somthing.   Can you give me a little more detail?  Maybe steps you take and expected results / actual results? 


Here is a video about the issue:

We have made some improvements to the rich text editor in our latests patch releases.  We’d reccomend that you install the most recent one from Get the Latest Skuid Releases & Everything That Came Before

We believe that will take care of the problem

I installed the latest update.  The link can not be changed.

Bill, I bet that another field is in focus although you are editing the link in the rich text editor.

I performed a quick “what if” test. Suppose I want to perform a Mass Update Selected Rows. I found that the URL field is not editable. It seems that the Account Name field is in focus.

Thanks Irvin. So, how do we fix?

I get this exact same issue on all rich text fields in Skuid 7.27.1. No errors in console, just impossible to edit a hyperlink. The focus remains in the first editor popup, not the subsequent hyperlink editor popup.

Also, under certain circumstances, after editing a rich text area then cancelling out, the editor toolbar remains on screen. An example is after I use the Find button (the binoculars). Again, there’s no console error.

The Find popup pops up:

Then if I close that popup and cancel out of the main editor, the toolbar remains:

It seems like the rich text editor has a problem with popups on popups.

Hey Team Skuid … any update on this one? We do all our edits in popups and this problem means the rich text editor just doesn’t work at all for us, which is pretty brutal. :frowning: