The calendar is sooooooooo slow...

What can I do to improve the performance of the calendar? I have decent bandwidth (10 down), the models are relatively simple, and it’s the only function on the page.

It takes over 10 seconds on average to load. 


Quick things to check.

1. Do you have “Load Model Data on Page Load” checkbox unchecked on your model? You should.
2. Do you have any additional conditions on the model? If so, what are they?
3. How many records total do you have in the object the calendar is based on?

  1. Yes
    2. No
    3. 76 records

    I use a formula field for my startdatetime and enddatetime - could that be it?

With only 76 records, your query should not be a problem. I’d follow the instructions under “Where’s the problem” in the Skuid Perfomance Guide and post a screenshot of that graph. It might help us find where the issue is.

Can you post the XML for the Model that your Calendar is based on?

How have I never seen this - it’s amazing. I’ll get to it as soon as feasible

Speech Physical Occupational TimeIn TimeIn TimeIn TimeForward TimeForward TimeForward TimeForward row.updated Time_In__c Time_Out__c {{Case__r.Name}} &nbs

Apparently when you use a datetime formula field, it really slows down the performance. I did a workflow workaround