Thank You for Data Source Actions!


I somehow missed that Data Source Actions came out with Brooklyn. I was just re-reading the release notes for Brooklyn Version 10.0 and found them! Thanks!

I feel like the community should know more about Data Source Actions. What would you do with a Data Source Action? Want to send an email from a button? Check! Want to start an approval process from a model action? Check! Want to call a process builder setup to be called by another process builder (i.e. an invocable Flow)? Check!

Here is a screen shot of the actions available for the salesforce data source.

Thanks again Skuid!



I’m glad you found them and like them! Data source actions are specific to each data source, so you should check out your other data sources to see if they have data source actions, and if so what they are (there are some fun ones out there :slight_smile: ). Here’s a general overview of data source actions on our docs site.