Textarea formatting using Action framework

When using the action framework to move the contents of one textarea field to another in a different model, the original formatting is lost, specifically the CR’s are turned into spaces {{$Model.NewEvaluation.data.0.Notes__c}} is being copied into the’Actvities’ object Description field.

That’s no bueno.

Could you share the specific set up you’re referring to?

the use case is that we create a record in a custom object table ‘Evaluation’ after creation we use the action framework to create a task for another member of staff. As part of the task created we copy the notes field (textarea) from the ‘Evaluation’ object created to the Description field of the newly created task.
This process strips out the carriage returns from the original field replacing them with spaces.
Original value:
Process evaluation:
phase 1 complete
phase 2 ongoing

Value placed in Description field of the task:
Process evaluation: phase 1 complete phase 2 ongoing

It is possible to open the task and modify the data to its original format but this is not practicable.

I created a test page where I was able to recreate the issue under certain circumstances.
This is a time where 3 {{{}}} would be needed instead of 2 {{}}. Does that solve your issue?
Only having 2 {{}} brings over the HTML and that forces the formatting to be lost.

Great, this has solved the problem