Text Overflow / Ellipses in Text Field?

Rather than have a text section wrap to the next line, I’d like to cut it off with an ellipsis. 
I’ve been messing around with the word-wrap & text-overflow properties, but haven’t had much luck.

Any advice? Thanks!

Is this a Textarea field, or just a Text field? 

If it is a Textarea, there is a property you can set on the Field from within the Skuid Page Composer called “Max Characters to Display”. This will, in Read mode, truncate the text displayed to only a certain number of characters, then show an ellipsis if there’s more to show. In Edit mode (e.g. after double-clicking or clicking the pencil icon) you can see and edit all the text in the textarea

Very cool! I didn’t know that.
It’s a text field right now, but I’ll just change the type – it’s not in use yet.

So, for any fields that are going to get long, do you guys recommend using textarea versus a text field?