Template rounding to nearest integer after upgrade to Bonzai

We have a template that recreates the Action field history for a custom object. The content of the template was lifted from a prior post and was working fine for the last six months. However, after the upgrade to Bonzai, our number fields with 3 trailing digits are being rounded to the nearest whole number i.e. 8.375 is now 8 and 8.5 is now 9. I have pasted below what we see in classic Salesforce compared to what we are now seeing in Skuid. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The template contents: Changed {{#NewValue}}{{Field}} from {{#OldValue}} “{{OldValue}}”{{/OldValue}} to “{{NewValue}}”{{/NewValue}}{{^NewValue}}{{Field}}{{/NewValue}}

First idea:  In your template definition wrap your field in {{{three braces}}}.  This will pull in the data without executing any rendering code.