Template pop ups not updating/closing in Safari

I have reps who can’t edit or after viewing, close a template window while working in Safari.  Any other orgs seeing this?  The reps are able to make it work in another browser but Safari doesn’t let them make any edits.

When the reps try to close, hit done, press escape - any method you can think of outside of refreshing, the popup stays.


We have seen problems with template popups in some of these browsers.  We have tried to improve on the popup code in our Banzai release.  We’ll pay attention and test in Safari though to see what is going on. 

We’re so tightly integrated with Google (email/calendar/drive) that they should be using Chrome by default but some people don’t know what a Chrome or Safari is…

We’re getting the issue in Chrome.  Any more info on what’s happening or how to fix?