Template field showing code from Picklist

I’m utilizing a template:
{{Event_Date__c}} {{TimeHour__c}:{{TimeMinute__c}} {{TimeAMPM__c}}

The values in each field are as follows:
Event_Date__c = 2019-05-09
TimeHour__c (Picklist) = 10
TimeMinute__c (Picklist) = 30
TimeAMPM__c (Picklist) = AM

The template field is displaying this:

 model=Lifecycle_popup__life_event , field=TimeAMPM__c , rowid=a2sf4000000t1L3AAI , value=AMsk-merge-1bNf-3

Why is this happening? What can I do here? My mind is boggled.

I found a way to make it work. Utilizing 3 curly braces on the picklists shows the correct information:
{{Event_Date__c}} {{{TimeHour__c}}}:{{{TimeMinute__c}}} {{{TimeAMPM__c}}}

Actually… It would seem I was missing a curly bracket in my first example on {{TimeHour__c} and that’s why this is happening. Odd usually I get an error in a case like this but it just showed some kind of code inline instead.