Template field "Allow HTML"

I have created a Template field and checked the box “Allow HTML” I add the flowing syntax


The end result should display the Sales Order Name(number) and the users should be able to click on the Sales order number and be taking to the that Sales Order. The Sales order number does show up however when the number is clicked the user is taking to a billing object, I can get to the sales order from the billing object but was hoping to save a step and get directed straight to the sales order itself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

The new guy

Hey Daniel, just a thought - its possible the ‘Id’ field is coming from a different Model than the Sales order - does the Id field correspond to a ‘Billing’ object?

You could always get the Id of the sales order by just replacing ‘Name’ with ‘Id’, so…


does that work?

Thanks Greg.  That is exactly what I was going to say… 

Thank you ! It solved the issue.