Template Custom Button onClick function

I have used the template component with html activated to create a custom

I have also created some inline javascript to detect when the checkbox is clicked:

( inline )
$( document ).ready(function()
{ $(‘#billingCheck’).click(function() {
// Clicked



The click listener works until a insert any data into an editor I’m presuming because a models data has changed,

Any ideas?

I’m still getting used to jQuery selects, but how is the onClick function working when you’ve got the id set to “myBtn” and the jQuery select set to “#billingCheck”?

My bad Pat I wrote that off memory!, the Id of the input and onClick are the same in my code and it works until a change is made to any field editor, it’s like the listener is becoming deactivated?.

I suppose a better title for this is
“Custom onClick listener becoming deactivated” when changes are made to a model.

FIX**, Found the problem, when you use a Template component in a field editor like I did and create a custom button or checkbox with a onClick listener in resources, if the editor is ‘edited’ the button or component will lose it’s eventListener .

Solution: move your custom template component outside of any editors.