Task "Subject" Field not available for selection in aggregate model

The “Subject” field of the Task object is not available to select for grouping or filtering in a aggegrate model.

1. This is different than the other issues with Name field because you can group by Subject in normal Salesforce reporting.
2. Subject is weird and according to Skuid has type COMBOBOX, so maybe this is doing it?

The Subject field is a very strange field type.  One we don’t fully support in Skuid. I’m not suprized that it is not selectable for grouping in the aggregate model. 

We have “ComboBox field support” on our roadmap.  It may be a while before we do support it.  And then,  if SOQL doesn’t allow groupings or aggregations to be built on that field type - we still won’t be able to deliver anything.  (This is the case iwith formula fields.  Salesforce doesn’t allow groupings on formula fields. … boo… )