Task subject field is not coming as it comes in Standard SF Page in Skuid Page !!

Hello, The task subject field is an picklist field but is coming as an text type of field when i am using it in skuid. Can you tell me why it is coming as text type in Skuid and not as how it comes in Standard task page. Please tell me about it as i want it to come like it comes in standard page. Please help me with this. Thanks. Arpit

Arpit,  Skuid only supports standard field types at this point.  Salesforce has bent its own rules here by creating a text field that also includes picklist values.  This is not one of the field types that Salesforce offers - and therefore we are not supporting that complex interaction in our builder. 

We will take your note as a product development suggestion and put it in our issues list.  Both for supporting the Subject field of the standard task object, and also allowing text fields to have predetermined values. 

PS - good to hear from you again.  We missed you.