Task page include populate date

I have created a Skuid page for my Task details.  I want to use this page for task creation and also view viewing the details.  

I have a button to create a Task and I am able to send certain data like type, whatId, etc. to it which is working well except I want to populate the activity date and a completed date field with Today.  In my global action to create the note, I am not using the create a new row action because it would not be in the same model.

Another issue is that I am also using this page for creating a to-do which can have the activity date set as today but I want the completed day to remain blank.

Any ideas?  (Ideally I would not like to use javascript)


I would probably do this with a Model Action on the creation and set the values to TODAY


I feel like I’m missing something.
You can use the ‘create new row’ action to create rows in other models. If you’re not using that, how are you creating a new row?