Task notification email

Hey there, I have a table on my account detail page showing open tasks for the account. When I click to add a new task and assign it to someone, is there a way to send a notification email to them? In the old Salesforce UI I believe there was a checkbox, though I’d like to make it the default for our organization. Thanks!

That checkbox on the standardd salesforce UI is not a data element,  it is just in the UI.  Consequently Skuid cannot just simply access this or process it.  There have been discussions about custom apex code to customize that email function - but it is not somthing that can be done just in Skuid. 

You can easily add a global action to your table that redirects to the standard salesforce “new task” interface.  


Another option might be to create a custom checkbox field called Notify Owner on the Task object. Then create a workflow rule that runs on every save and checks for that field being true. If true, it would fire off an email alert and do a field update to set the checkbox back to false ready for its next use. In some respects this is better than the native functionality, as you have full control of the email template.