Table Template edit popup

er … uh … why not have this? Is this planned for a release?

Field Editor components with Templates get this option. Why not the table component?

Yup, its been on the backlog for a good while now. 

The complicating factor is what to do when tables are in edit mode.  Do you automatically open a popup for every row on the table?  Do you not allow the template to be in edit mode?  What to do. 

But there are lots of cool things that could be available if we got this done…

I’ll add you voice to those clamoring.

Simply popup on click with a special icon for the popup at the front of the field.

Is this available soon?

Yes, I have been resorting to row action popups to edit template data. Definitely less than ideal.

Hey Matt,

Doe that mean sometime this month, this year, this decade?


Bill, my “Yes” was not in response to your availability question. I don’t work for skuid, and have no idea what their timeline is for something like this.

Indeed Bill.  Matt is a great guy,  but he doesn’t work for Skuid or have visibility into our product roadmap.  Sorry.  

This is still on on any plans for the near future. Its complicated. 

Count me in on those clamoring voices.

Can you update this to an idea and be included in the next release? Pretty please. :smiley:

And merge this post.