Table row on higher page remains in edit mode after save. Is this normal/expected behavior?

Create a Model on a skuid page, using an object that has at least 20 editable records.

Place a Table component on the page using default values. Populate it from the model above.

Save and Preview the page.

There should be 20 rows loaded, displayed in two pages of 10 rows each. Rows are in read mode but in-line editable.

Navigate to the 2nd page. Edit a record and save the change(s).

The page/model/table should refresh leaving you back at page 1, with all rows in read mode.

Navigate to the 2nd page.

Is the edited row is still in edit mode, or did it also revert to read mode? Which did you expect? Which is correct?

We have v9.5.12 installed. The edited row is still in edit mode. I was expecting it to be in read mode. Since editing a row on page 1 and saving the change refreshes the table and returns the edited row to read mode, I think that is what should also happen on page 2.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This is not expected behavior. I have been able to see the error on 9.5.16 but not on 10.0.9. I have notified our developers about this issue and will update you here when the fix is created.