Table row edit - Textarea field not allowing new line or Rows to Display

When creating a new line on a table row, a number of fields are displaying in edit mode, as expected - however, all of the input fields appear to be just that - just input fields. It doesn’t appear to matter what the field type is, at least when it comes to text.

My user would like to be able to enter multiple lines in a particular Textarea field while creating the line from this table. Enter doesn’t go to a new line.

I’m not sure if I understand the issue here so can you elaborate more on it? Is the Textarea field not allowing typing multiple lines on a Table component? Is your page using v1 or v2 (Ink) components? XML might be helpful as well.

My repro is not so successful, as I’m able to type on multiple lines:

Could it be the Skuid version you’re running? I found this other post from a year ago:

Derp. I meant to mention this is in API v2. This is one of our first pages using the new API, so we’re still trying to figure out the kinks.
XML below:

<skuid__page unsavedchangeswarning=“yes” personalizationmode=“server” showsidebar=“false” showheader=“true” globalfeedbackenabled=“false” theme=“LEX”>


DATE_ADD({{AcctSeed__Date__c}}, {{AcctSeed__Vendor__r.AcctSeed__Account_Payable_Terms__c}}, DAY)




DATE_ADD({{$}}, {{AcctSeed__Account_Payable_Terms__c}}, DAY)

<skuid__header model=“Payable” title=“New Payable” uniqueid=“sk-3r8m-6844” separator=“true” subtitle=“v2.0” styleSettingsVariant=“f3d3d8a1-ebd8-47de-a287-dbebcd2966d8”>

<skuid__buttonSet model=“Payable”>


<skuid__button label=“Save” uniqueId=“sk-3rKd-29635” icon=“sk-webicon-ink:checkmark” styleSettingsVariant=“primary”>


<skuid__button label=“Cancel” uniqueId=“sk-3rKe-29979” icon=“sk-webicon-ink:close” styleSettingsVariant=“destructive”>




<skuid__form showErrorsInline=“true” model=“Payable” uniqueid=“sk-3r8y-7339” mode=“edit”>

Hmm yeah I can reproduce that issue on a simple v2 page :( 

A workaround might be to have an Edit row action that opens a Modal with a Form inside to do recording editing. Textarea fields do have multi-line editing ability. But the problem is, after you’re done editing, all line breaks will still be removed on the table.

That might be the best option, at least for now. I appreciate the help - I’ll leave this question unsolved for now in case someone else has come across it, too.

Thank you!