Table row Count (footer) correct, but table not displaying all rows..


First time encountering this weird issue

Using a PostgreSQL Data Source, i have this table that for some reason shows the correct Table row Count (footer) , but table not displaying all rows…

See Screenshot below. Says there’s 165 records but only 5 displaying on table. Table has a setting to show all rows

If I try to search a row in the table’s search box info from a row that is not displaying, it works and the funny thing once I clear out the search box all rows appear… but if I refresh the page, again only the same 5 records appear

Any ideas?


By chance do you have the Unique ID field for the table included in your model?   I think skuid is getting confused and thinking you have a massive set of duplicate rows.   Once you get the Unique ID into the model - I think you’ll see better. 

Hey I do already have Unique ID Field on model. 

Here’s field 

Does the table have context or an XML only condition?

The table itself has no context condition or any display logic or any xml condition

Can you record a video of it? Poke around the data in the console and such. Show us the page model, component setup, etc.

I’ll try, i just cloned my page and left only that model and related table so hopefully simpler to isolate the issue

But not an expert on console, anything specific i should include? or query on console?

Or we can do q quick screen share if you think it helps

Thank you!

Dave - I’m gonna reach out by email.   Is the email in your community profile still right?