Table Row Action to Open a Drawer Has a Label that Doesn't Go Away

On my squid page I have a “parent” table that contains a row action to open a drawer. This row action is called View Child Lines. When I click on the row action, the drawer opens and loads an inner table with child lines that relate to the parent row in context. All that works. My issue is that when I click the View Child Lines row action on a parent line in the parent table, this little label pops up and doesn’t go away. So when my drawer loads with the children and I scroll down, I still see this little label on top of my child lines in the drawer. Is there a way to make this label disappear? Below is a screen shot of what I am seeing. The top row called Interactive Product Parent is the in-context parent. The little icon to the left shows that the drawer is open. That is my row action that gets clicked to open the drawer. But the View Child Lines label still shows on top of the child lines in the drawer. I can’t find a way to make it go away once I start scrolling down the child lines in the drawer table.

Sorry you’re experiencing this.
A few questions:

  1. Are your themes updated?
  2. What version of Skuid are you on?
  3. Do you still see the problem if you try to replicate the error in incognito mode or after you’ve cleared your cache?
  4. [If 1 or 3 didn’t work] Can you paste any XML of the problem that reproduces this error using standard objects? I haven’t seen this so I’m not sure how I would reproduce it.

I cleared my cache and now it seems to work fine.  The View Child Lines label only appears if I hover over the open drawer icon on the parent context record.  I am on skuid version 11.0.1 and did update the themes.  It was clearing the cache that solved the problem in case anyone else sees this happening to them.  Thanks for your help!

Happy to hear it! Thanks for posting this answer so that others can benefit from this as well.

We are seeing this also. Clearing cache did not help. We are currently on In this case it is the Expand Line button that is remaining on and persisting to the next page.

Attaching an image of the Expand Line showing up on the Pricing & Discount page and then persisting on the Preview & Send page. In trying to reproduce, it seems like the Expand Line only stays on the screen after the following steps:

  1. Quickly moving on to the chevron icon to expand
  2. Clicking the chevron before the Expand Line popup can display 
  3. Quickly moving off the icon before the popup displays
    It seems to be an issue of timing. I can reproduce this fairly readily this way. 

Is this still a known issue?