Table render from selected row's RecordID on different table

I have a table above showing projects for different departments and/or team members and I would like to have a tabbed table below show the related stories for the project.  What filtering do I need to do to make this happen?  I’ve created a row action that passes the project ID to the story model, but it’s not working like I would expect.  It’s not showing any stories now down below.

You have to update the data in the model after you pass in the Id. Try re-querying the model via an action.

I have this action (Show Me . . . Stories) performing the two actions shown below.  I neglected to mention in my OP that this was being done.  Still not getting anything in the below table with this setup.

What value are you passing in the “Activate and set value of model condition”? 

Action type = Activate & Set value of Model Model = Stories Condition = --None-- Value = {{Id}}

I bet the Id field is not actually in your project model. 

I’ve checked every field into the model.  I’ve enabled Squid access to my org.  Is there someone who can login and check this out for me?

It struck me like a ton of bricks.  You have not actually called a condition in your “Activate and Set condition” action.   Right now we don’t know where we are passing the Id field.  No destination… 

Have you defined the condition on the Stories model?   Made it in 'Filterable default off" state?   This must be done before you can finish the action sequence.