table range filter

Like this.
!( 2 inline.jpg “Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1281605/RackMultipart20150923-19941-15zbjau-download__2__inlinejpg1443039949”)
With following parameters

  • Min Condition
  • Max Condition
  • Min Value
  • Max Value
  • Number Format

Even better to automatically create conditions like the date range filter.

That is pretty cool Pat. I think you could wire somthing like that up in a custom component,  or custom renderer on a field editor.  It wouldn’t be in the typical “table filter” spot - but it could be functional.  The field specified in the custom renderer would be passed to table conditions using the action framework and the model requeried. 

Here is a tutorial about custom renderers that is similar.…

We’ve added an automatic Numeric Range filter as of the Brooklyn Update 1 - Iteration 4 maintenance release (9.5.4). (We’ll be announcing it in our next major release, but you can use it now.) It’s not quite as fancy as the slider, but it’s better than adding a whole bunch of conditions.

We’ve got additional plans for rendering options in a future release.