Table Popup Row Actions: Add "Next Record" Button

I would love the ability to be able to cycle through records when I’m editing a single record’s detail within a popup row action. Something like this perhaps:

This would be nice. It reminds me of FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Access c.1993 and users liked it then. I haven’t given it +1 because it’s not as high on my agenda as some of the other ideas posted, many of which I’d give a +50 were that possible.

Too late. Your smilie face counts as a plus one. Duly noted. :slight_smile:


Is there any solution for next record button as you mention in this post?

I need this for one of my requirements.So can you please confirm me how the same is possible using skuid or How we can do the same using custom snippet.

My requirement is to go to Next and Previous Record based on one date field I did this with some snippet but facing issues when date of the few record matches then it is just returning the same two records again and again.

Looking ahead for quick response.


I now also have this need.  Our team needs the ability to rapidly scan recent Activity when they are in a call, and this would help a lot.  Any hints on how I might implement some snippets to do prev/next? 

I see I have some interesting data in the arguments[0] (params), including the model, row and item/list, and can easily insert buttons to do multi-step actions w/snippet calls and model refresh.  Any pointers on how I might go about doing a prev/next on the table and then query the model again to refresh the popup fields?


Any ideas here?  Ditto to Chris’s use case

I am interested in this feature or a workaround also. Is there a current JavaScript solution? Thank you in advance!

As a quick thought you can create a model to find the ID of the next record (something like created date < currentrecord.createddate limit to 1) and create a button to go to that id

In case someone still needs this solution, Pat just gave me one that worked! :slight_smile:

see this post:…

Looks like Pablo was on the right track