Table not loading when page is open

I have a detail pages that has a table that should pull all the contacts for the account. When loading the page the contact table shows up with blank lines in the table then on refresh it loads with the contact.
We have two different orgs and one org is on skuid version 9.3.4 and one is on 8.15.7 both orgs are having the same issue. I also have the Model set to load on page load.
Any help would be gratefully appriciated.
Printscreen of the refresh issue

Once I refresh the page the table loads.

Are you searching for the account? Or is the account also supposed to load on page load?

Hmmm… interesting…

Can you verify that the table is referring to the model that is set to load model data of page load?

If so, would you mind copying and pasting your page XML so we can take a closer look?

Hi Khamla,
I’ve verified that the model is set to Load model data on page load. It seems to function properly when the “contacts” tab is selected as the initially loaded tab, but has issues when it’s not the initially displayed tab.

Please let me know if there’s a better way to share the xml.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                         {{Model.label}}: {{Name}}                          Flag for Deletion                 Currency   Revenue (numbers only, e.g., 1,300,000)                 Street        City           State           Zip        Country                                                           Alternate Email   Business Phone

Was wondering if there anymore information about this. Josh one of my co-workers posted the xml above. Is there any other information that you need from us?


I’ve copied your XML onto a blank page and wasn’t able to reproduce this on versions 8.15.7 or 9.3.6. I used some test data on the Contacts object and was able to see contents in the table as soon as I previewed the page, without refreshing:

Are you getting any unusual JS errors in the console when you first load the page?