Table Nesting

Is it possible to nest within the table. So for example, I have a related list called Task List where there can be many task lists associated with the primary detail object record that is controlling the page. I can create the list view of all the Task Lists. Is it possible to display all the Tasks (activities) related to each individual Task List. This would be similar to grouping by in a report for sfdc

Yes and no. We’re talking about adding something like this in a future release. It would be something like a “tree component” or the ability to add related object fields on tables. However, right now there is sort of a way to do this using Child Relationships. This allows you to view (but not edit) fields from a related object. The only problem is that if you have too many records, it can look kind of gross. This is the process you should be able to follow to show Tasks in a Task List component.

  1. Create a table or field editor set to the Task List object.
  2. In the model when you’re adding fields, click “Child Relationships” and select “Task.”
  3. Then, from the field list on the left, drag the Task Child Relationship into the table (it has a little diagram icon).
  4. This becomes a template field where you can pull in fields from the child relationship. You can click on the child relationship in the left hand list to add more fields.
Or, if you have a table set to the primary detail object, then you can use child relationships to pull fields from the Task List object, including Task subject/name. I know this is confusing without pictures, so check out the Skuid tutorial I linked to above that shows how to use Child Relationships. You can also shoot me an email at or call me at 423-244-0203 if you have any questions and I’d be happy to walk you through it.

This is something our organization is looking for as well. Our “task lists” are called Actions, and contain many tasks. It would be great to be able to see a list of Actions with their activities underneath on one table.

Greg and Dave, It would be fantastic if you could roughly sketch your idea for this on a piece of paper and add an image in a post. We can use your rough sketches to guide our development. It’s often much easier to understand sketches than words in such cases. At least for visual thinkers like me.

The link to Child Relationships is broken :frowning:

Here is the correct link for our tutorial on including Child Relationship data in a Table or Field Editor component: Page Not Found — Skuid v15.1.6 Documentation

With the summer release we added support for “Drawers”  which are a nesting device that can be added to tables.    See this tutorial.  (And go to step 10.4)