Table link does not load record page

UPDATE: I resolved the issue. I had a JavaScript snippet that was creating a link to open attachments for a child object. The problem was, that the child object did not have any attachments. Reading through other posts when you see “Loading…” on your screen for a while, the problem likely lies with your JavaScript.

I have a skuid page built for a custom object, which has a table of 150 records displayed.

Clicking the a template field on every single record loads a skuid page for the record, with the exception of one.

Here is the template field:


The one outlier just shows a loading screen and will not load anything. The record does not contain any more information than any of the other records that do load. And, it loads fine on a non-skuidified page.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start troubleshooting?

Thanks for any help you can provide!