table hidden on pageload?

I have a table inside a page include.

When I load the include the first time, the table looks like this:

Notice that the footer says “Showing rows 1-2 of 2” … yet it is not showing any rows.
If I open the console, the table renders. If I perform any other action which queries the table’s model, the table renders.

There are no rendering conditions on the table.

The page include and table are working just fine everywhere else (as far as I can tell), just not on this page.

Any ideas, community?

What are the model props for “on page load” behavior here?   

Load model data on pageload = true
Max number of records = blank/null
Create default row if model has none = false


I’m going to be persistent on this one…
Any ideas?


I’m just waiting for another great Meme. 

Or.  Not really…

When the page loads and the mysterious table is not there - what do things look like in the model data?  Is there any?  

Are any ID’s present in the model data?

What sort order do you have on the model? 

Yes - thank you for your patience. 

The table is in a tab. The tabset is set to NOT defer rendering. Whether the page include is set to lazy load or not doesn’t change the result.

Interestingly, as soon as I open the dev console, the table appears. I had to open the console and then reload to make sure the data was in the model when the table was empty, and it is. The data is in the model and the IDs are present.

There is no sort order specified. Here’s the soql:
"SELECT Date_of_Report_to_Health_Department__c,Date_of_Report_to_Patient__c,Date_of_Test__c,Medical_Inventory_Item_Test__c,Medical_Inventory_Item_Test__r.Name,Medical_Inventory_Item_Treatment__c,Medical_Inventory_Item_Treatment__r.Name,Other_STDtest__c,RN_Initials_Reporting_to_Health_Dept__c,RN_Initials_for_Reporting_to_Patient__c,RN_Initials_for_Results__c,RN_Initials_for_Test__c,RN_Initials_for_Treatment__c,Results__c,Results_Date__c,Results_Reported_to_Health_Department__c,Results_Reported_to_Patient__c,STD__c,STD_Treatment__c,STD_Treatment__r.Name,Treatment_Date__c,Treatment_Given__c,Patient_Case__c,Patient_Case__r.Name,STD_Treatment__r.STD_Treatment_Instructions__c,STD_Test_Method__c,STD_Treatment__r.STD__c,Tracking_Number__c,Id FROM STD_Test__c WHERE (Patient_Case__c = ‘a0O61000000zIamEAE’)"

Also interestingly, when I had the console open on pageload (and therefore the table was empy), when I closed the console the data renders.


Any thoughts?

Try adding a sort order on the Record ID.    Its a shot,  but probably a bad shot… 

If it doesn’t work we’ll keep digging. 

No dice. Let’s keep digging.

Rob, et al.,

According to Barry, this may have something to do with the way skuid is processing the Allow Scroll Bars feature? See…

Just to add a little more color to what I found - It appears that when the table code processes, it hooks pageload and a few other events to “adjust” it’s height properties (based on verticalScrollHeight, etc.).  It’s possible that the events aren’t being bound before the event occurs or something else is amiss during this part of the processing.

Matt - Any chance you could create a small repro of the problem you are encountering using Stock objects?