Table grid is breaking

First I am loading above chart tab.
After than when i am clicking table data tab at that time table gird looks like

But when I am refreshing the page it looks like below.
In above screen shot table grid is breaking.
and it is very annoying for us .Our client is not accepting our product because of this errors.
Please do something as soon as possible.


You need to provide more information than this.  Are you getting errors in the Javascript console?

I cannot speak for Skuid support, but perhaps you could provide them access to the org?…


Hi Rohit,

If you grant login access by following the instructions in Irvin’s post, I’ll take a look.

Hi Ben,
I have granted the access.
you have to check on below url

This issue is not occur every time.

For regenerate issue you have to click on below link first

When page is load you have to click on candidates tab on same page.
so this error is generated.

In console below error is displayed.

Rohit,  I cannot reproduce the issue, but looking at your page I think I may know what was happening.  The progress tab has a page include.  If the models in that included page had the same name as the model driving the primary candidates tab - the candidates table would get wiped out. 

You need to ensure model name uniqueness when using included pages. 

Thanks.It is worked.