Table filters, sorting appears disabled after row edit on table with Client Side search

Hello -

When a table is marked as “client” search, after a row is edited, the filters and order arrows are visually changed to disabled.  The text and border of the text box of the filter becomes “grey” but the textbox itself still accepts input (which would be expected) and the filter is properly applied.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Create tab page on Account (stock page) using defaults
2) Change table search to client
3) Add filter for a MasterRecordId
4) Preview page
5) Edit account name in a row

Actual Result
Order arrows and filters visually appear disabled

Expected Result:
No visual difference

Barry.  I think this is working as intended. Even though the search control is marked as client side, filtering and ordering are still being effected server side - which means that we want to disable them if changes are detected so that they are not overrwitten from the server.
On the other hand, using the search control will not affect model changes (because it is client side and the changes are still in place even if the particular row is not returned by the search) - so we allow you to search even when changes are detected. 

I’d be interested in your opinions on this.  Why do you expect search and filtering to be client side if search is also client side? 

Hey Rob -

Thanks for looking in to this.  I see what you mean regarding filtering/ordering being done server side even with “client” search setting.  I was assuming, incorrectly of course, that all “search/filter” operations would be “client side” when set to “client.”  

The reason I assumed this behavior is because filtering is really just a search with pre-defined search criteria so in my head they really are the same thing.  Ordering is just another way of looking at data so if all the searching is done client side, it would seem that ordering was as well.  As it stands, it doesn’t make sense to me at least that if I type in the textbox “acme” it searches on the client but if I pick “Acme” from a filter, it hits the server.

In our particular use case, we have a set of data that the user is going to add/edit.  It’s a data entry task so they are making several edits simultaneously and then saving.  It’s a small enough set of data that it can all be retrieved on page load but large enough that sorting/filtering/searching would be required.

Here’s my thoughts:

1) if filter & order remain server side, see post

2) It would be ideal  - and at least the way my brain works it makes the most sense -that the “search server/client” setting affected filtering, ordering and text search.

Look forward to your thoughts.  Thanks!