Table filters on lookup fields not working

We are planning to upgrade from 11.0.3 to 11.2.5 and while testing we encountered this issue. Our table has filter to lookup field. (On contact table, we have filter for account).

When we search the account it shows the results to apply to filter, but when we select any returned result the filter is not applying and we seeing below skuid exception in console.

Exception after we select any account.

We are planning to upgrade to fix other table filter issues and ran into this new issue, please suggest if there is a better way to fix.

I don’t think I’m clearly following what you’re seeing on the page. Can you go into further detail into what you’re experiencing on the table.

Is Client 1 working when applied in the filter? Is the only problem that you’re seeing the error in the console? Does it work the first time then fail? 

Hi Sells,

Client 1 search is not working, when i click on Client 1 to apply filters i see an error message in console.

Is there any custom javascript on the page? How are you doing what you’re doing?

No, there is no javscript on the filter.

Can you post the XML of a simple page using standard objects and fields reproducing this problem so I can look at it?