Table filters not working with subquery conditions

Is there something special that has to be done to get a default off subquery condition to work with table filters?

If I turn the subquery condition to always on the information in the table is filtered correctly. When the subquery condition is set to default off and a value is entered through a table filter nothing happens. It is like the table is not being refreshed to pull the data in. 


Hi Tami, could you post a screenshot of your filter set-up? 

Here are screen shots of the setup.

The subquery setup:

The filter condition setup:

Tami, it looks like you need to make the primary condition filterable in order to affect it, as shown in this Community thread:


Thanks for the input. That did not fix the issue. I moved to building a button based on the link you provided but it is not filtering the data properly in the subquery. Are there any field restrictions with sub query conditions?