Table filters for a model that has group logic


I have a table with a model that has group logic. I’m trying to apply a manual, select option filter for the Stage Name in the table. I placed the Stage Name condition as filterable off by default, and added it to the group logic with “And” followed by the Stage Name condition number.

When I select a filter option in the table, it filters out all records. What am I missing here?


What you have done should work.  (Many people come to grief over the group logic piece).  You should explore the query that is actually getting generated to see what other “where” statements are getting added. This will alert you to the conditions that are being applied and why they are removing all records. 

Open the browser console and use the following syntax in the console:   “skuid.$M(‘YourModelName’).soql”

Got it. Issue with filter, not group logic! Good to know about the syntax in console. Thanks for the quick response Rob!