Table filter textbox accepts input after row edit

Hello -

After editing a row in a table, the filter, order arrows, search box, etc. visually all become disabled, however the textbox of a filter still accepts input.  The filter text above and the border, “X” icon are "dimmed."

Steps to reproduce:

1) Create tab page on Account (stock page) using defaults
2) Add filter for a MasterRecordId
3) Preview page
4) Edit account name in a row

Actual Result:
MasterRecordId textbox accepts input but nothing happens

Expected Result:
MasterRecordId textbox should not accept input and should behave like “search” textbox


This will be fixed in Superbank Patch 9, which will be available this Friday.

This has been fixed as of Superbank Patch 9, now available from Skuid Releases.

Initial smoke tests confirm this appears to be resolved in 6.8.20.

Thank you!