Table filter on ui only fields

I have a Ui-Only field that is a formula doing a model look up. It returns a Number. I’m trying to filter on the table to show only rows where that value is greater than x. I can’t seem to get the model to recognize any type of filter on this field. 

My condition on the model is “QtyOwned > __”

I tried using a button to activate and set value of my condition to be 10 and then requery the model. No luck.

Is it possible to filter numerically on Ui-Only fields? My guess is that since they’re client side and filters are server side that it isn’t possible. Any ideas?


I think in the search and filter properties there is an option to search client side instead of server side. Perhaps that would help?

Similarly, I’d like to be able to allow ordering on a ui-only formula field (returning a number), but the option isn’t available.


Processing client side did not seem to fix it. In response to your note about ordering on UI only, here is a thread where Rob addresses the difficulty there:…

I think its the same reason I’m having issues with the filter.