Table filter enhancements - Clear/Reset date ranges, reset/clear all filters and generic filter butt

Would be a great addition to Skuid to see the following:

1) Clear Date Filter - Currently, the only way to “clear” a date range filter is to manually go in to start & end fields, remove the values and click apply.  Would like to see an “x” or “clear” option for date range filters.

2) Reset/Clear All - It’s been talked about here and appears to be planned but this would be a welcome addition - the “apply” would be an added bonus :) The reset can be kind of faked using a toggle filter but the state goes to disabled once another filter is applied so visually it’s not quite ideal.

3) Filter Area button that runs actions/snippet - Having the above would satisfy most situations but having the ability to place a button that runs actions/snippet in the filter area of a table would allow for pretty much anything.  From a UI/UX perspective, having the button in the same area and styled similarly as the filters clues the user in to the fact that the button affects the filters in some way.  Currently, a global action can be added to accomplish the tasks but it’s located in a different section of the UI from the filters.  It can be “repositioned/restyled” programatically but would simplify things greatly to have a custom filter button option.


All interesting ideas Barry. 
Item 1 has definitely been previously identified.  

Item 2 is part of the Winter release.  Targeted toward end of December. 

Item 3 is very interesting.  We allow you to include snippets in the source of filters,  but that probably incompletely handles what you are describing. 

Thanks for continuing to think beyond us… 

Thanks Rob.  Looking forward to seeing #2 in the upcoming Winter release, this will be very helpful.

Regarding #1 -#2 gets us part-way there so hopefully an individual reset on the date filter itself could be included at some point.

Regarding #3 - You’re correct, the source filter snippet doesn’t quite accomplish what I’m after.  Essentially, all this really would be is a global action (existing functionality) but positioned/styled in the filter "area."


Was the “clear all filters” option introduced already?