Table filter default option when none is not included

I am creating table filters and I want there to be default filters set on page load. I have created a manual filter so the first selection will automatically load. It doesn’t. Has anyone experience this?

Set the manual filter w/out cookies and “none selected” option

On page load I get this

Is your condition “filterable default on”  and does the initial value match what you have as “Approved”   I think these need to be in synch… 


My condition was set to filterable default off. So that makes sense. I switched it to filterable default on.  When you ask about the initial value do you mean are there records that have “Approved”? If so, yes there are records that have that value set. 

The page now loads empty with the filter button showing “----”

You have to make sure you have content in the “value” section of your condition. Then when your condition is “Default On” it will start with that value and let the user select somthing else.

That makes perfect sense! It is working now. Thank you!