Table Drawer Sticky Header Bug After Opening a Popup

I’ve got some drawers in a table which contain a Table. On those tables a row action is to open a popup and show some more Details. This work good so far.
I can open as many drawers as I like and it gets displayed just fine.
As soon as I open a popup (either in the “parent” or the drawer table), all table headers of the opened drawers align with the table headers of the “parent” table. As well do all summary-fields (they’re just floating around on the screen, no where particular).
If I scroll to the top, everything gets displayed again just fine. But as soon as I scroll down 1px, the above described happens again.
I have no snippets running on the action to open the popup nor other funny things.
I tried to find a solution for that but didn’t come up with anything so far.

Before opening the popup:

After opening the popup:

Please let me know if you’ve ever encountered anything similar and how you’ve handled it. Any help is much appreciated!


P.S. Skuid version is 7.35