Table does not refresh after Query Model action

I am displaying Child Relationships fields in a table.  I used action framework to define an action that will refresh the model that drives the table on some user action. User action is changing a condition that changes the number of child records returned.  Query Action runs but the table does not refresh to show the results.  If I manually refresh the page I see the proper data in the table.  If I add Redirect To URL action to refresh the page by additional action it shows the proper data.  Do I need to do something more to force refresh of the table besides adding Query Model action?

Milind, see my response here.

Hi Emily, I’m having trouble accessing that link at console.getsatisfaction…

Are you able to put the response here? We’re experiencing a similar issue in a page with multiple models on the same object, and the save model is not initiating the ‘query models’ action for some reason.


Sorry about that Greg. Sometimes our backend community management tool gives us an admin-only link. I think this is what Emily was trying to link to:

Haha oops, sorry about that!

@[Emily Davis] I am having the same issue as well. I have a wizard and one step will present the user with a list of account contacts to select from to add to a meeting, and the next step lets the user view/edit attendees. If they user goes back to the step to choose attendees to add, the table shouldn’t show contacts that have already been added to the meeting. I have set the action to Query Model against the contact list, which is working, but the data in the table component is not refreshed. 

I’m assuming you have a condition that removes the members of the atendees model from the available contacts model.  Before you query the model you need to update the values passed to the condition on the “contacts” model.  

Thanks, Rob. How do I update the values passed to the condition on the “contacts” model? My condition is: Id not in (MeetingAttendees)(Contact__c). Do I deactivate and then reactivate the condition using the Actions framework?

I am facing a similar issue. Page is for creating a new record and there is a lookup on that record, when the lookup is modified or any value is entered, I want to conditionally render some fields based of some fields of lookup record. However, though  i have query model in actions it is not querying the lookup record.

Any suggestions?

Hi Sayali -  are the fields that you are conditionally rendering on the same model or a different model?  I’m looking into your issue but I’d appreciate some more details. If you could share the xml for your page that would probably also be really helpful.

Thanks Anna. I could resolve it. Will post the solution shortly.

The solution is when the lookup is modified on the page that is when model is updated add two events, 1) Activate and set model condition for the model of lookup 2) Query the model of lookup.