Table Column Header Appears in Cells

My table’s header text keeps repeating in every cell of my table and I’m not sure why. Screenshots below. Also might be related, but my filter buttons and search bar should be on the right and instead are stacked on the left. I’m using template fields in my table, if that matters.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

This was mentioned two weeks ago, with no followup by the original poster:

Hi Eulogio,

Has anything changed in your Skuid version, or your themes recently? Also, are your themes up to date? Finally, which version of Skuid are you working with?

Looks like it had to do with the theme Modern v2. When I switched themes it started working as expected. I’m using 11.2.2, updated recently.

Had this issue too, resolved by changing theme on page

I have this issue again, but only with 1 new table on the page, the other tables are not affected

Does the affected table’s page, or your theme have any custom CSS or Javascript? If so, I would recommend commenting it out to see if the issue persists. Also, what happens when you change the affected page’s theme? Finally, make sure your themes are up to date - if they’re not, go ahead and update them as a best practice. That may resolve the issue.

There is no custom javascript or CSS. Changing the theme to another solves the issue. We can’t change it though as this theme is used throughout our environment. How do we update our themes? We are on Skuid v 11.2.7.

Hi Dan. Can you specify which theme your custom theme is based on? Also, if there is any custom CSS in your theme, are you able to try commenting it out to see if it’s having any impact on your issue?

Alternative test: what happens when you set the page to use the base theme that your custom theme was built from?