Table checkbox read only when set to be editable

I have a table for campaign member, several check boxes are included: bounced, clicked, complaint, email opt out and from the contact object email opt out. 

The first three I can edit in the table
email opt out is read only and I cannot change this

The contact email opt out checkbox is read only in the table for the user, even though it is set to be editable. If I follow the record through to the contact record page I can edit the field. 


Good question. Hopefully we can get this figured out for you.

Do you have permission to edit them? This could be a permissions issue.

I have been able to reproduce this. I’ll give you updates as I learn more.

Campaign Member is a junction object between Campaign and Contact. Salesforce doesn’t allow Email Opt Out to be edited on this object. If you check your user permissions, you’ll find that even a system administrator doesn’t have these permissions. Skuid can’t override the permission sets defined on the backend by salesforce.

The best workaround for this is to have a drawer or pop up from a row action where you can edit the related contact’s Email Opt Out right there.


thank you for the follow up - much appreciated. I need to mass update all contacts that have campaign email opt out selected - so I’ll get my thinking cap on.