table and charts - same filters different models

I have a chart that uses an Aggregate model because otherwise I hit the heap size data limit. And I’ve got a fake/empty table that I’m using to filter the chart. But I’d like to actually show data in the table. Is that possible? 

I’m thinking I could do a table without any filters and the model has a condition of ID in the ID field of the aggregate model, and some actions so that when the agg model refreshes the basic model refreshes, but will that condition work?

Any other ideas?

I think I’m going to need to do something with JavaScript to load more after initial page load until everything is loaded. Still if one of table filters ends up filtering so that everything comes in it hits the heap size error. Maybe if we do the JS load more, then process everything client-side?

Can’t you just populate the Aggregate Model into a table?   Can’t you just show rows in the table you are currently using to do your filtering? 

What am I missing here? 

You’re right! I swear I tried that and nothing showed in the table… oops. Thanks!!