Table Allow Sorting by field in V2

Is there a similar feature to the V1 Table Allow Sorting by field in V2?

Hey Harry, Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but you do have the ability to select the ‘Show Sort Builder’ box in the sort tab of the table properties in V2.

This gives you the ability to sort of one or more fields in your table.

Hope this helps!

Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. We are using 13.0.11 and do not have a Sort Property on the table.

Any thoughts?


Just adding the page properties just for clarity.

Harry, would adding a Table Filter do the trick? It lives under the ‘Add Feature’ list when you have the table selected.

You can select the field you want to filter on and the end user can filter accordingly.

Let me know if this works or if we need to get some additional help!

Hi Josh,
Am already using table filters. Really want to prevent sorting on certain columns while allowing it on other columns. This feature is available in v1. Is it available in v2? and how can I enable the Table sort feature?


Harry, I’m going to ask our team about this…standby.

Hey Harry, I was able to ask the team about this and I found the answer…Bad news… In v2, it’s all or none. Controlled by the table “Allow users to sort by column” property.

Some additional input:
“One sneaky way to achieve this is to use a template for each column that you don’t want to allow sorting on. Templates will only show a sort option if you define a sort field in the template properties. Using a large number of templates in a table that has a lot of rows could negatively impact the page performance, but otherwise may be a viable workaround.”

“It also changes the inline editing experience since templates have to be edited in a popup.”

Hi Josh, Thanks for the follow-up and the suggestion.

I was hoping that v2 might have the support. Somewhat disappointing when features don’t get carried forward.
I’ll tryout the template but agree that it could have some impact.

Appreciate the help and follow-up

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