Tab Page (and it's skuid edit/building page) invalid model error

Something went wrong while editing a tab page. I was introducing a new model by cloning the primary object/model. It initially did not like the name I gave it “Expense1thisFY” ( I may have hit space after the “i”) and got the typical error message, renamed it to (cant remember what) and added a condition. On preview, I got an error (likely what you see in the images below). Figured perhaps cloning was a bad idea and proceeded to delete the clone model (at the end of my model list). This rendered both the tab page and it’s builder/edit skuid page unusable. What’s strange is there are some components and models (hiding under other tabs on the tab component) that are still functioning. The edit page is simply empty. The version restore button on the edit/builder page isn’t solving this. Any chance I can salvage this page? Tab Page (some elements under that tab component (and the graph are still working) Skuid Builder/Edit page


This has happened to me more than once.  In my case, the cloned model was used in place of the original.  I would revert back to a prior version, then open the XML Editor and clone the model using IDE inheritance i.e. copy-n-paste.


Thanks Irvin! I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but I am unable to even get to the XML editor, as the Builder/Edit page never shows the “View/Edit XML” link… But… your comment got me on a mission to find the editXML link, and in the process, I figured a way out of my rut, and thought I’d share. After restoring an older version, I expected to see the builder/edit page populate, it did not. What I failed to do was save, then refresh the page. That sorted my problem out.

Yes.  People often get confused by versions.  There are times when there is no visual cues that a version has been restored. But generally if you save and refresh the old version will be inplace.