tab order on pages

How can I adjust and set field keyboard tab ordering? When I am on a page the tab key does not seem to tab through fields. Is there a setting i am missing?

Good question.  Performed a quick search in community and documentation and did not get any relevant hits.  Even searched for tabindex.   Tab order seems to be top-to-bottom and left-to-right on a form and left-to-right within a table.

Is your Field Editor in Edit mode? Normally the tab order is DOM order, so it ends up being top-to-bottom within the editable Fields in a Section, and from one section to another, then left-to-right going between Columns.

Zach, is it possible to set the tab order for a field editor with multiple columns left to right across columns instead of going top to bottom first within the first column?

Is it possible to set the tabindex on specific fields in a field editor?

Right now there’s no declarative way to do this, no. Maybe in the future this will be possible to set declaratively.

I’m trying to do it with page load JS and having difficulty. I set the input tabindex to a specific number using jQuery but the form skips over them. Do you know which element I need to assign the tabindex to? Is it even possible with JS?