Tab Name mustache fails in Brooklyn 9.3

From this.

Bill{{#$}}able{{/$}}{{#$}}ed{{/$}} ({{$}} + {{$}}}

Used to display Billable or Billed without the icon.

Hello Pat,

I’m not sure if this code was directly taken from your environment, but could it be that the very last closed-mustache should be a closed-parentheses? 


Nope. Brooklyn is doing some weird stuff here. :confused:

Hello Pat, thank you for taking the time to demonstrate this. I’ve just tested this, and the checkboxes do appear as you’re showing in this video if I use double-mustaches to enclose each of my truthy/falsy fields. However, if I use triple-mustaches instead, the checkboxes are not rendered. Can you try that change and let me know if you’re able to get the intended behavior? 


Yup. That worked. Why has this changed?